Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to work

Hello everyone,

Yes, it has been a while since I posted anything in here, and you might even think I am no longer in Russia. Well, if that's what you think you couldn't be further from the truth. I am still here, hanging on... and there is no sign that I going to leave any time soon: I now have my little routine which includes 2 walks a day with Urmik, 3 or 4 teacups a day (extra watery please) and weekly borsch with extra sour cream that I now manage to eat without staining my shirt. Even the yearly display of snow sculptures is becoming a routine, but since you guys are just dying to see them, here they are. Because the camera battery emptied unexpectedly fast before I managed to take good shots of all the sculptures, I went outside the day after and also made my own little snowy piece of art that I included in the slide show below.

Consider this post as a warm up for all the amazing stories about my crazy adventures that await me this year. I'll try to keep you guys updated between 2 dog walks.


Anonymous said...

Why is it just about you? I want to hear Krazy stories that Katya encounters, or the Dog Daze of Urmick. It's 2011... let's inject some life into this boring little blog!

Anonymous said...

nice sculptures you carved on the snow!!

Fred said...

Oh les boules hé!!!! Mais c'est quoi la dernière photo!? Purééééée, mais t'es le premier à avoir approché un yéti de si près! Il existe donc l'abominable homme des neiges quoi! Et en plus la photo n'est même pas floue, on distinguerait presque son oeil malin derrière sa tignasse de primate velu! Chapeau, j'en tremble encore...

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Diane said...

Looks like fun.


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Anonymous said...

Parti de Russie?

Sherwani said...

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Anoush said...

Oh hey bolas !!!! Pero ¿cuál es la última foto? Purééééée, pero usted es el primero que ha acercado a un yeti tan cerca! Por tanto, existe el hombre de las nieves qué! Y además de la foto no está aún borrosa, es casi distinguir ojo maligno detrás de su fregona primate peludo! Sombrero, todavía temblando ...

Anonymous said...

Bruno, I was going through my old web links and I found this old treasure (Eastern Promises)! How are Katya and Urmick? Are you back in Houston?

I hope all is well.
Dave Jewell